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Commercial Creation Center

What good is having an audio/video web page
if you don't know how to create audio and video?

Creating multimedia should be simple. That's why I designed this "one of a kind" Commercial Creation Center. It is not just for producing commercials, but for creating internet radio and tv shows, logos, ads and multimedia products.

Thoroughly tested by people who have never recorded audio or video before, or created logos or ads, our online system is so simple, anyone can use it.

"Here is my recording! Not bad for never having done this before! You are right it was so easy to do and the video at the end on how to upload to the magazine is so easy to follow also!"

Brenda Rivas, International Association for Multicultural Women Entrepreneurs

"Penny Haynes' new Commercial Creation Center is the perfect program for a sorta techie person who goes blank with all of the bells and whistles programs out there today that seem to be for folks with technical expertise. In a matter of minutes, I was able to create an audio and video that took one button to start AND save. Hellooooooo. You must have had me in mind Penny! Love the step-by-step tutorials you include to walk people through the process. Worth every penny, Penny!!!! LOL

Lorraine Cohen, Ceo Powerful Living
Coach, Speaker, Broadcaster, & Writer

“The first time I opened up the Commercial Creation Center it was very intuitive and creating my very first video was a breeze. If you’ve been curious or even a bit apprehensive about trying to make your own video, this program will easily guide you through the process.”

Pam Ivey, Visual Persuasions Canada


"It was SUPER easy. Instructions were clear and easy to follow."

Andrea Kalli,

It offers 10 types of multimedia production tools:

  • Audio Recorder/Mixer - Record audio and have it automatically mixed with music that the User selects. It creates a professional sounding audio without the User having to know anything about production. All they need is a microphone plugged into their computer.
  • Webcam Recorder - Record video with a webcam, and embellish it with a web site address, logo, and other text. Webcams make recording video so simple, anyone can do it. Users can get a top notch webcam for under $100, and with our software, they'll be creating and uploading videos in minutes. Our software also converts the video into multiple formats for different applications.
  • Screen Recorder - Record a computer screen along with narration. This is called "screen recording", and Users can use it to show how to do things on their computer. They can record powerpoint presentations and narrate them. Or they can create a video tour of their website. Our software also converts the video into multiple formats for different applications.
  • Slideshow Video Maker - Upload audios, videos, images and music and combine them to make one new video. Even people without video cameras can create video with this tool. They can upload digital pictures, narration to accompany the pictures (which they can create in our audio recorder) and music, and create a video from that.
  • Video Masher - Upload and combine multiple videos with transitions in between them to create a brand new video. You can use videos from cell phones, camcorders, and even the videos you produce with our programs.
  • Multimedia Conversion - Convert your videos and ads into multiple formats for iPod, PSP, cell phones, and Flash. Use our code to embed your videos into your own website.
  • Banner/Logo Creator - Create simple ads, banners and logos to put on your website, or on your Online Community Magazine.
  • Image Editor - Resize and crop images to use with the Banner/Logo Creator, the Slideshow Video Maker, and our RSSzine program.
  • CD Ripper - Use music from your favorite CDs to put in the background of your audios & videos (you must be careful of copyright laws - you cannot use other people's music without their permission).
  • YouTube Connector - Upload your latest video to YouTube so the rest of the world can see it.


Watch the video tutorials for our
latest release of the Commercial Creation Center.


Easy RSS to Flash Magazine Publisher

How can you take an rss feed and easily create a flash magazine
with turning pages and audio/video?

My question exactly! That's why I designed this other "one of a kind" software.

It takes special web pages (called RSS pages) from our magazine and creates a really cool, high-tech magazine with pages that turn and audio/video that plays.

So magazine owners can create a monthly or quarterly version of the magazine, the link to which can be sent via email, which is a great viral marketing opportunity. You can also create a .pdf version which can be attached to an email.

Additionally, magazine owners can create an OFFLINE version of the magazine, including all of the audios and videos, and burn them to CD to be placed for free in local stores. This is what your local free printed publications do.

This allows you to tell your clients that you put physical copies of the multimedia magazine around your community, increasing the value of having a show or column on your magazine.