About Us

PennyHaynesPenny Haynes is the creator of Online Community Magazines and  RSSzine. She has 20+ years experience as a programmer,  a lifetime of experience with audio, and 2 years of experience as a television producer, director and editor.

Her Consulting clients include:

  • Lifetime Television for Women
  • Standard & Poor’s Vista Research

Her multimedia clients have included:

  • the world’s leader in Faith and Work Ministries: Marketplace Leaders
  • TD Global Group
  • Kawasaki Construction Machinery

She has hosted several podcasts, including:

Previous accomplishments include:

  • Designer of the world’s only Niche Market Podcast Directory software with matching branded Podcatcher
  • Designer of the world’s only Online Community Magazine / Directory / Internet Radio Station / Internet TV Station
  • Designer of RSSzine (http://www.RSSzine.com) – converts RSS feeds to PDF magazines, and PDFs to turning page books
  • Designer of the Commercial Creation Center – multimedia production suite for novices.
  • Audio/Video production trainer.

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