It’s pretty simple. You write articles, and/or record audio and video, to promote your passion. Then you invite others who share your passion to do the same.

As all of you add your content to the magazine, the search engines discover and follow this constantly changing, key word rich information on the same subject, and your site rankings rise.   The more content you add, the greater the visibility for your cause, your business, your subject matter.

What’s in it for you?

  1. You can promote your personal business or cause through the Featured Article area, Ads on the top or sides of the site, and your own page(s) on the magazine.
  2. You can create a residual stream of revenue by charging others to be on your high-ranking, niche magazine site.
  3. You can use the built in email marketing system to communicate with the clients and subscribers.
  4. Our software is integrated with Paypal, so clients can sign up and start posting content at any time.
  5. Our software keeps track of all of your customer purchases, referrals and commissions, and reminds you who is due for renewal, and lets you email them a reminder.

What’s in it for your paying customers?

  1. Clients receive high visibility on a targeted niche online web site that allows them to promote themselves inexpensively.
  2. Clients’ content is automatically added to the front page of the magazine AND the top of the Mobile App every time they post to their own blog or podcast. They don’t have to do any additional work.
  3. Site visitors interested in the niche who don’t know who the client is can  subscribe to their posts by email and/or RSS, download our Mobile App, or read about them in the PDF version of the magazine.

What’s in it for your site visitors?

  1. They can join as a free member and post their profile and business information on the member page.
  2. Users can easily subscribe (by email, RSS reader and our Mobile App) to any channel (page) or category, and even create a  personalized set of channels and categories (a “station” ).
  3. They can receive the optional downloadable PDF and turning page version of all of the content on the online magazine.

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