Online Community Magazines has a wide range of features for you and your clients:

  1. Every client can create their own page (or channel) by submitting the RSS feed of the blog or podcast from their existing web site (rss feeds are known by this symbol feed_16x16).
  2. Optionally, they can add their articles, audio and video directly to the magazine, creating their own web site via their magazine page.
  3. Every time they post a new article, audio or video, it shows up on the front page of the Magazine  (AND at the top of our Mobile App), giving them increased visibility – at no extra cost.
  4. Client photos, biographies, and a link to their latest magazine post are rotated onto the front page in the prominent Featured Member section.
  5. Client pages can be assigned to up to 5 categories on the site and Business Directory.
  6. Clients can promote themselves on the front page of the magazine on a consistent basis by purchasing an ad on the top or side of the web site.
  7. Clients can remain on the front page by purchasing the Featured Article spot for a length of time.
  8. Clients can purchase advertising in the optional PDF or turning page magazine.
  9. Clients can add events to the Calendar.
  10. Clients can add Coupons to the coupons page.
  11. Clients can use RSSzine (our RSS to PDF software) at a 50% discount to create their own magazine from their blog or podcast page.
  12. Our RSS based software increases your clients’ Google Rankings, giving them great online visibility.
    Their page includes:
  13. their photo linked to their bio
  14. a place for a page-wide top banner with a link to their business
  15. a Contact Author form connected to their email address
  16. an Email Subscription link, so people can receive emails whenever they post something new
  17. an About Us area that can include images and links
  18. a 300 x 300 pixel image
  19. a 90 x 90 pixel image
  20. a place to put up to 3 special offers that can link to their website or online payment system.
  21. Clients can syndicate (re-print) their columns or their audio/video shows on their personal web site by simply copying code from the magazine and pasting it into their own web page.
  22. Clients can purchase a domain name and point it to their page, and use it as their primary web site.
  23. You can also set up a referral commission program, because Online Community Magazines keeps track of referrals and commission amounts!

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